Hello, my name is Jennifer Steen.

I am a personal trainer with a passion to help women reach their health and fitness goals. I’m dedicated to inspiring women, guiding women, and helping them find their ‘WHY’ to live a healthier, happier life. 

I want to share my tools and knowledge, so you too can attain your boss body, and ultimately, boss life. I've developed a systematic method to transform the female body, which includes: losing the extra weight and keeping it off, shaping the figure (and the mind) to reclaim the boss within, and finding more happiness and support within your daily routine! Trust me, fads DON’T work (yes, I’ve tried them all) that is why I strongly believe in a program that combines: balanced nutrition, resistance training, cardio and circuit training.

Ready to lift your glutes, tone your tummy and shrink your waistline? Lets work together to lose weight the right way…and keep it off!